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Protecting, Preserving and Enhancing Our Cultural Landscape


For immediate release, 18/3/05

This is a considered response by the Friends of  Thornborough Henges to Tarmac’s recent announcement that:

  1. it will not seek to have Thornborough Moor designated as a Preferred Area for quarrying in NYCC’s revised Minerals Local Plan, and
  2. it will press ahead with its application to quarry the nearby Ladybridge Farm:

“Tarmac’s apparent about-turn on Thornborough Moor is merely a publicity ploy to give objectors the impression that the fight to save the setting of Thornborough Henges has been won.

“People need to remember that the area of the present quarry, where so much buried archaeology has been destroyed, was not designated in the Minerals Local Plan ~ but that did not stop the county council granting permission for quarrying in 1995. There is still nothing to prevent Tarmac, at a time of its own choosing, submitting an application to mine Thornborough Moor, where there is twice as much sand and gravel as at Ladybridge Farm.

“The only effective way to protect this national treasure for future generations is for it to be taken into public guardianship. For Thornborough Moor to remain in the ownership of a mining company is tantamount to leaving the fox in charge of the hen-house!

“Tarmac has carefully avoided mentioning that Ladybridge Farm is also included in the area of the upcoming conservation plan study. Just like the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it can appear to give with one hand while taking away with the other ~ and still come back later for more!

“If Tarmac’s management is really as concerned as Mr Moore claims about the views of the public, then it should also withdraw the Ladybridge Farm application. They are well aware that it has prompted over 700 written objections from all over the world ~ even before our petitions, which contain thousands of signatures, have been submitted.

“It is about time that the Anglo-American Corporation acted in the national interest and stopped destroying this irreplaceable prehistoric landscape. It should instruct Tarmac to turn its attentions to opening a replacement for Nosterfield Quarry in a location already designated by the county council.”



Note for Editors:

The Friends of Thornborough Henges is a voluntary group dedicated to saving for the nation the surviving setting of the Thornborough Henges Complex near Ripon in Yorkshire. People can join our campaign by contacting

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