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~ Protecting, Preserving and Enhancing Our Cultural Landscape ~

16 August, 2004.

Dear Local Resident,


Tarmac Northern has made clear its intention progressively to extend open-cast quarrying outwards from its processing plant at Nosterfield towards the surrounding villages into the foreseeable future. The current application to excavate the cornfields east of Ladybridge Farm is the first step in that insidious process.

The more people who submit meaningful objections to the county council, the more chance there is of convincing councillors that they should refuse permission. There will be no second chance, as only the applicant has the right to appeal, so act now! And, even if you’ve already objected, you can send in as many additional objections as you wish.

We have studied the three volumes of the planning application and are now delivering a letter to you which sets out what we believe are the most potent objections. If you are pressed for time, you can simply add your address at the top and your signature and name at the bottom ~ although expressing your objections in your own way may carry more weight. You can mail your letter yourself or give it to us to deliver on your behalf.

A full copy of the planning application and more information can be viewed at Kiln Farm, Nosterfield (telephone ), where Dick Lonsdale has photocopying facilities if you wish to encourage family, friends and colleagues to join you in objecting.

More information is available on our new website, ~ look particularly at the HELPING page. Meanwhile, the committee of the Friends will continue to persuade other people and organisations from a wider area to support our campaign. We rely entirely upon donations for funding, so you might like to join us or contribute to our costs, our contact information is below.

With best wishes for a quarry-free and heritage-rich future.

Yours faithfully,

John Lowry,
Chairman, The Friends of Thornborough Henges.

For membership enquiries please contact:
Mike Sanders, Press Officer, The Friends of Thornborough Henges ()
or email us at

A printable objection letter is available by clicking here.


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