Mr C.Jarvis,
Environmental Services,
Planning & Countryside Unit,
County Hall,
Northallerton DL7 8AH

Dear Sir,


Please inform the committee that I object to this application because:

  1. Fifty percent of the unique prehistoric landscape surrounding the Thornborough Henges has already been denied to posterity for short-term economic gain. To compound that error by allowing further destruction of the surviving landscape will condemn North Yorkshire County Council and the electors they represent as Philistines in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  2. Tarmac has failed to prove that it is necessary to destroy a landscape of international importance in order to supply a local market with sand and gravel that could readily be obtained from a less sensitive site like those already quarried by its competitors.

  3. Tarmacís ecological evidence is flawed and its after-use proposals for an unnatural and alien water-based landscape are unacceptable.

  4. The local authorities should ensure that the core area outlined in English Heritageís Conservation Plan proposal is protected from unsuitable and damaging development for the long-term benefit of local people and the nation. The surviving un-quarried landscape should be managed sensitively in order to make its historic value more attractive to caring visitors and new small businesses, while ensuring that the delicate buried archaeology is preserved by protecting the existing land surface.

  5. Tarmac should be directed to find a less sensitive site which (a) will not destroy good quality agricultural land, (b) will not damage the setting of an internationally important archaeological complex, and (c) is closer to its main market in the West Riding, thereby minimising transport problems and reducing hazards and maintenance costs on local roads.

Yours faithfully,