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Site Contents

This site contents page contains an alphabetical list of all the documents that are available on this site. It should make finding information quicker than navigating the entire site:

Abuses of planning system by mining companies
CBA Appeal
CBA - Jan 06 Response to Ladybridge Investigation
Comments on Judicial Review 2008/9
Community View of the Archaeology
Conservation Plan (Commissioning of)
Destruction of Archaeology
Effects of Quarrying
English Heritage Statement March 2004
English Heritage - Initial Response
English Heritage Response to Ladybridge Investigation
Friends of Thornborough
FOT - Comments on Swale Ure Restoration Policy
Full response to Tarmac's ammended application to quarry Ladybridge Farm
Introduction to the website
Jan Harding's Objection Letter
Jan Harding's Response to Ladybridge Archaeological Investigation
Letter writing campaign
Links to other sites
Newsletter (Henge Talk 2)
News page
Northallerton Meeting (27 March)
Northern Echo Article (5 March 2008)
Objection Letter - Local
Objection Letter - World wide
Open Meeting (4 March 2004)
Perlman Objection document
Planning Committee (NYCC planning committee)
Planning Decision Ammended
Planning Regulatory Meeting (16 Jan 2007)
Planning Meeting 21 Feb 06 - Notes
Poster - html format
Poster - pdf format
Press Release (4 June 2004)
Press Release (14 July 2004)
Press Release (7 March 2005)
Press Release (18 March 2005)
Press Release (18 September 2005)
Press Release (14 February 2006)
Press Release (5 December 2007)
Press Release (10 December 2007)
Quarrying Plan 2003
Save the Henges Appeal
Viewing the Henges

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