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[From Appendix 2 of NYCC document QP18G0393:
Nosterfield Quarry – A Summary of the Planning History]

10/6/66 Enforcement notice because working was taking place below water table and also too close to the boundary, and progressive restoration was not being undertaken
17/11/72 Company was advised that Area 3 had been commenced before Area 1 had been restored; it was working too close to field boundaries and the edges were too steep; worked areas were being left under water.
18/11/75 Enforcement notice due to breach of condition 1 because 21 acres had been worked in Area 3 before Area 1 had been restored, and breach of condition 5 because excavation had taken place closer than 25ft. to the existing field boundary. Seven days later, the company appealed to DoE.
30/9/80 Enforcement notice of 18/11/75 withdrawn because “work was substantially complete”.
12/82 It was noted that 800 yards of drainage pipeline had been constructed from River Ure past East Tanfield without planning permission.
12/2/85 Enforcement notice served regarding invalid use of dumper trucks on public roads.
1/3/85 Permission granted for partially completed drainage pipeline from quarry to River Ure.
22/3/85 Revised enforcement notice served giving 7 days for transportation of material by dumper trucks to cease. On 11 April, the company appealed to DoE.
4/2/86 Company appealed to DoE against county council twice refusing to allow construction of a quarry haul road.
15/4/86 Report to planning committee on company’s non-compliance with condition 2 of 1/3/85 consent regarding soiling of pipeline route.

In 1990, Planning Policy Guide 16 set out the Government’s new advisory policy on preserving and recording archaeological remains. The Download on “Relevant Legislation” outlines empirical inadequacies of PPG 16, while the Download on “Destruction of Archaeology” explains how its criteria have been circumvented at Thornborough.

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